Friday, 21 July 2017

The Aha test. Teach rules

The ‘Aha’ test.

We all want to improve when we are teaching. (Or should I say we all should want to improve when we are teaching.) 

When you are a teacher, the students are always assessing you and you them. (For different reasons obviously.)

That's good because, student or teacher, we all need assessment and feedback to help us measure (and find ways to improve) our performance.

One test I take a lot of notice of is the ‘aha’ test.
It is an informal test that demonstrates a student’s understanding as a result of your guidance.

It is a nice simple test but unlike most tests it only gives a positive result when true understanding dawns on the student as it an instinctive reaction (You can’t beat those).

The 'Aha! test'
There are two parts to the ‘aha!’ moment test:

  • The blank expression, fidgety bottom and vacant eyes measurement = the teacher is rubbish today and I don’t have the foggiest idea what is going on.

  •  The ‘aha!’ moment. The wonderful sound of understanding dawning followed by superior performance and smiley faces = Teach’ rules. 

Simply enough, my life is dedicated to achieving more of the second measure and less of the first.

If you get an ‘aha!’ moment while reading my various posts, don't forget to let me know what caused it. Don’t forget, I can't see you from here but I would love to know what it is that makes you go... aha!

By the way, when the spirit flags, remember the phrase:  Practice makes perfect!